Phil "Popper" Aussie

Hallo Hallo

Not much goin' on. Been mulling some ideas but madshutterbug and his missus got too much in Studio to do anything. Bugger all.

Might get something done by New Years.
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Phil "Popper" Aussie

Things Been Slow

Had a chance to photograph a coupla nice sheilas bit back, but they got spit the dummy at me when I suggested a coupla things. I think they'd been pointed me way by that bloody pommy wowser who sez he's me brother.

Buddha-con came off a bit of a cock-up this year. First of all, place the Committee picked cost bickies and a lot fewer Otterz came. The lime jello was bodgy this year too. Top it all off me mate Dredd Phredd got into it with the Gate Otterz. We bailed early.

Too bloody hot here. Been using the cows pond a lot.
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Phil "Popper" Aussie

Off To Buddha-Con

That time of year again, mates! It's off to Buddha-Con. Dredd Phredd & I got the tucker bags all packed. This time we're bringing a 'stenshun cord for the lecky, so she'll be apples in setting up the Barber Booth. Also we're bringin' an esky this time. Hooroo!
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Week So Far

My Bloody Oath, madshutterbug is insane. Went with the bloke to the big rage Tuesday night, that Not Berry Farm. Only it's not a farm at all, it's an amusement park with roller coasters. Roller coasters are ace fun, and we rode several with looptheloops and vertical climbs and dives and barrel rolls. Then he talked me into riding one called Ghostrider and I said I'd give it a burl. It's built on a bloody forrest; all wood frame, and 'streuth it'll rattle your teeth out.

Like to give me a liquid laugh it did I'm sorry to say.

Wednesday night tho went to a ripper rage with the eChapter mob. Met a dinkum bloke from the Lucky Country, at first I wondered if he belonged to tassie_gal but no, he's from Queensland.

Tonight we went to another rage with fair dinkum tucker and a band. Now we're back at the unit, starting to get ready to hit the road tomorrow.

It's been a week.
Phil "Popper" Aussie

An Ottarz Travel Tail

I keep forgetting that going tramping with madshutterbug isn’t always ragtops and windiness. Bloke woke me up at the arse-crack of before dawn to go to the airport for the goony bird.

We got into the hotel no worries, though a bit late to have tea with Fat Fred & Skippy. So instead madshutterbug ordered some nice Italian thing with cheese and veal and cheese. Toddled off to bed shortly after that. Then, ‘streuth, before the arse-crack even showed we were up and moving again. Bit of bouncing about in the Tampa airport because it turns out two of the legs weren’t on exactly the same airline, only it is more or less. No worries with Security; I rode my wee tram through the machine. Oh, some whacker bloke ahead of us insisted on emptying out each individual pocket instead of using a waistcoat like madshutterbug does.

We both snoozed once aboard the flight up to someplace called Charlotte. Then we snagged some tucker between planes, and this time when we got aboard we had a porthole seat! Porthole seats are bloody dinkum. I like watching everything get smaller as we move, then bigger as we get to where we’re going.

Now, we were supposed to go some place called San Francisco first, only that second gooney bird went to Vegas! Bloody oath, ‘streuth, we went to Vegas! madshutterbug didn’t tell me we were going there, but when I asked him he said we were supposed to go to San Francisco but something happened. We didn’t stay in Vegas, only changed gooney birds like in Charlotte. He was a bit of a wowser, though, wouldn’t let me go explore. I promised him I’d be back in plenty time for the flight.

Short hop to the next stop, someplace called John Wayne Airport. We didn’t stay there long. The airline lost madshutterbug’s bag just like the trip to Vegas last year, but he didn’t seem concerned about it. ‘Course, he did pack along things in the carry-on. And of course the camera kits stayed with us.

Now he's flaked out in bed, and I'm going exploring. Toodles!
Phil "Popper" Aussie

Tramp About

Since madshutterbug is off on his annual jaunt to his nurses meeting, I decided to invite meself along. 'Streuth, the rental he picked up for the first part of the trip made a dinkum arvo. A ragtop, and he put the top down too! Bloody oath, ripper drive. Though we did need to hold it back a bit couple of times for the troopers.

Tomorrow, going to ride the gooney bird to the West Coast. Oh, yes, we both brought our camera kits. Good to go.