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Great Sushi Bash

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Dredd Phredd's New Hat Dredd Phredd's New Hat

Here's me mate Dredd Phredd with his new hat. People think he's being hoighty toighty but it was his old uniform hat before he went pirate. He was a digger of some description....sea scouts maybe???? Odd bod at any rate.
Me & Tetsuo Waitin' for the Sushi Bash Me & Tetsuo Waitin' for the Sushi Bash

Tetsuo and I caught a coupla zees and had a right good yarn waiting for us to find our table. Mind you that shirt is a tad bit Ken Done - he really should supply glare proof sunnies with it.
Tim Tams! Tim Tams!

Mini-Fred got me Tim Tams! I can have slammers again!!!! I is now one very happy high otter. He forgot the vegemite though the little bugger.  He also forgot me stubbies, my flag and my thongs....  There will be consequences to this.  I dont care about his logic that we are going into winter and I dont NEED thongs.... I want my el cheapo woolies plastic flip flops damn it!  As for forgetting the beer...well lets just say it wont be MY fault if the next Buddacon is dry.
Anniequen & Me Anniequen & Me

Right nice blonde shiela she is. Not sure if its bottle or not though. They calls her Annie the Innocent... coulda fooled me.
Home! Home!

AWWWW They visited me old china plates the platipi at Taronga. I miss that place, it was a good shagging stop. Also a good solid meal and nice digs.  I am NOT wearing a flower on my head... I SWEAR its a table arrangement..... STRUETH it makes me look like a pansy.
Then This Bloke Comes Along Then This Bloke Comes Along

Says he's the Man With No Name, kenshusei says some, and he goes and starts eatin' right in front of me doesn't even offer any, not even a by your leave...a crocodile has more manners then he did.  And that bloody smelly thing is STILL HTERE!!  I AM NOT A PANSY!!!!!!    Note the soya sauce bottle close to the plate........
Then He Turns His Back Then He Turns His Back

rule no #10 of living wid da otterz - never leave fish and otterz together. They are not good with impulse control! ;-)
rule no #11 of living wid da otterz - DONT put flowers in their hair!!!!
rule no #12 of living wid da otterz - You snooze  you loose (your dinner, your razor, your pixi stix, your coffee.....)
A Bit Too Much A Bit Too Much

Err I think I was 3 sheets to the wind at this point...its the only dinkum reason I can come up with for wearing this great party hat. That and it looked good at the time.....That's kalilove, and madshutterbug's Cook there.
Me & The Blokes The Family Mob

This be the otterz mob. That's me with the camera, and Fat Fred in the back, then in front of Fat Fred is Slim, Mini-Fred, and Fredrika, and that's Floater in front.  They be the closest thing I gotz to family in the country.....

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